Wow, long time no blog!

It’s amazing how life gets in the way of sharing. I’m sorry I ignored my blog for so long. I made a free printable for all of you to make up for my absence.

I have created a Jamberry Wish List for all of you.  It has spaces for your favorite wraps, lacquers, Skinnies, TruShine gel and ColourCure and has a checkbox for other popular items you may want to see in your Holiday Presents. I have also included my contact information so you can give your wish list to anyone. If you prefer you still can give me your wishlist and the contact information of people who shop for your presents and I will help them shop for you as their personal shopper. I want you to get the items on your wishlist as easily as possible.

Please feel free to download and print as many copies as you wish.


 Wish List


Is it really Monday or Tuesday Blues or are you unhappy in your job?


I saw this shared on a friend of mine Facebook Wall and my first thought was WOW! How sad you don’t love what you choose to do for work. I know everyone has a bad day at work, especially after a long weekend like we just had with Memorial Day. I know I don’t want to go through Five Stages of Getting Ready For Work daily.

In my mind we should do what we love. Ironically my motivational text today stated the same thing.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to to work another day in your life.


I am also living in the real world and know jobs in your chosen field may be hard to find or cause stress on the worker and the family when there is more month than money. You could choose to be unhappy or add a side income that does make you happy.  We all have a passion. My husband turned his barbecuing hobby into a side business. I turned my trying a nail wrap since I have issues painting my own nails into a successful business. Find your passion and run with it.  Your outlook of life will change when you love what you do day in and day out.

Since most of you follow me for my nails I will leave you with my Food for Thought I like closing my nail parties with. Next time you go to the nail salon, ask them for a gel manicure AND pedicure with precision lines and designs on each nail for only $7.50. Then ask them to give you 8 more manicures and pedicures, a heater to apply them, enough accent wraps for 500 more manicures all the tools you’ll ever need and a cuticle oil pen for $99. Then tell them that you want a 30% to 40% discount after that for life.

Tell them you also want to earn a trip to the Dominican Republic for FREE. Tell them that you want to meet and hang out with other manicured and pedicured ladies at Walt Disney World where you will get even more free stuff!

Tell them you also want the ability to get free and half priced manicures and pedicures.Tell them you want to be paid every Friday and once on the 10th of the month for every time you recommend their products or send your friends in the store to have their nails done. How do you think they will respond?

I have 3 alternative options:
💅 Kitnapper: Just want the kit and discount on some awesome products – no need to sell! Grab the kit and run!

💅 Splash of Cash: You want the kit, discount, some extra income, free and half priced products: work your business how you like.

💅 Life changer: You want all of the above and you feel motivated to make part time – 6 figure income

If you are not being paid to have pretty nails, whether a bare minimalist or nail art pro consider one of the options above and I would love to help you out with any of them! 💜 

Remember life is short you should enjoy what you do and who you spend it with.  Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Interview with Carol Hogan, a Jamberry Nails consultant.

I was interviewed by the blog. Interview The Reps.

What made you decide to join a Direct Sales company?

​I wasn’t looking to join a Direct Sales company.  I ordered a sheet of nail wraps with the idea that I would try them and be a customer.  I shared pictures that I saw online with my friends. Little did I know they also made a purchase.  The next day my sponsor contacted me and thanked me for sharing her link with my friends.  She opened a party for me so I could be rewarded.  She also told me that I earned half off my kit then asked when am I signing up. I saw how easy Jamberry is to sell and joined that day. ​

What company did you join, and why did you pick that company?
​I decided to join Jamberry Nails.  When I joined June 18, 2012 we only had nail wraps. I could not polish my own nails to save my life so I knew it was a match for me. I figured there were others out there like me who didn’t want to go to the salon to have their nails done. I loved the different nail art designs, especially the flames (now retired) because I could support my husband’s business while promoting my own.​
How long have you been working in Direct Sales?
 ​I have been with Jamberry Nails just under three years.  ​

​I was with Mary Kay prior to this experience, but left after two years for personal reasons.  I have found Jamberry Nails is a better match for me.  ​
What is your favorite thing about working for a Direct Sales company and owning your own business?
​I love being able to work my own schedule.  I do not have to ask for time off and worry I may or may not get the time off I needed if I could not find a replacement for my shifts.  I also enjoy if I need more money that month all I need is to add another party or two to my schedule.  ​
How do you convince others that joining your team will benefit them?
​Convincing others to join is not how I run my business.  I will ask people if they have ever considered doing what I do. I ask everyone one this, just like I ask if they had fun at the party they just attended and if they want to host their own party.  You never know what that answer will be. I love hearing their answers and helping them make an informed decision themselves. I would rather have a customer that will host parties and refer their friends to me instead of convincing them Direct Sales is for them when they don’t want a business right now. Direct sales may not be for them right now, but you never know what the future may bring.  Your customers are always watching how you run your business.

​I do home parties, catalog parties, and online parties.  For my online parties I prefer to use my room it is closer to a home party experience, but will do Facebook or Skype parties if requested. My Jamberry Nails website has a tab with the capability to request a party with me.

Visit to shop, request a party, join my team or visit the online version of our catalog.  Please feel free to join my Facebook Fan page

Please visit Interview with Carol Hogan, a Jamberry Nails consultant..

Accent Nails 101

accentnailWhen it comes to nail art, there are dozens of different trends out there, but the Accent Nail trend is undoubtedly one of the biggest. Also known as a ‘party nail,’ an accent nail can quickly take your manicure from standard to sassy!

Here are a few tips on when the accent nail is an absolutely mani- must:

For the Nail Art Newbie –
Have a friend or family member who is a little hesitant to jump into the nail art pool? Accent nails are a great way for them to dip their toe (or finger) in to the world of Nail Art.  A lacquer based manicure with a coordinating accent nail wrap can act as a gateway into fully adopting nail art onto all ten digits.

For a Special Occasion –
Have an upcoming occasion that may call for a mani that is a little more subdued or simple? Maybe a wedding, or an interview for a new job? An accent nail is a great way to keep your nails ‘event appropriate’ yet not too ordinary.  Use a neutral or classic colored base for your manicure and then add that little extra pop with a tone on tone nail wrap. If the event is not too formal, you can go for the bold accent nail that features a contrasting color.

For making a Statement –
An accent nail can be a fun yet subtle way of making an announcement, declaring your allegiance, or sharing your fandom. Try a neutral colored manicure with either a pink or blue accent nail to make a baby announcement. Rock your schools primary color with a collegiate wrap accent to show which side you are on during rivalry week. You could even celebrate a holiday or pop culture event  – Jaws inspired accent nail for Shark Week anyone?!

These ‘reasons’ to try an accent nail are only a few of many, but really who needs a reason? In our book we think accent nails are a do pretty much all of the time! With a new catalog out for fall, we can’t wait to see what nail wrap you accent with!


Have you heard about Stylebox by Jamberry?

Stylebox by Jamberry is a monthly subscription service.  Each month you will get 1 catalog item, 1 Stylebox exclusive item, nail file and orange stick delivered to your mailbox.  Who knew Jamberry could make your mailbox more stylish?!

Stylebox by Jamberry This is what was in my mailbox this morning.  Orchid is still a big hit of the summer and is carrying over into the fall months. It is not too late to get this look. Simply visit take a quiz on your fashion style then decide how long you want your mailbox to visited by great fashions. August is the last month I can offer open enrollment. Starting September 1,2014 I will only have a handful of invitations each month. Don’t miss out on the fashions you want!

You do not have to take my word on Stylebox. Imagine my surprise when the blog I read, Sassy Moms in the City, had a post about it on July 29,2014. Read the review for yourself here: There is one thing I disagree with.  While it would make a great gift for the teenager in your life, women of all ages love Jamberry Nails and would love a monthly Stylebox by Jamberry. augstylebox







Psst… Have you Heard what is coming on October 15, 2013?

Jamberry Keeps getting better with Nail Lacquer.

Jamberry Keeps getting better with Nail Lacquer.

❤ You love our nail wraps.
❤ You love our cuticle oil.
❤ You love our application kits.
❤ You love uploading your own images for your own custom nail wraps.
I know you will love our new Nail Lacquers which will be available to order on October 15, 2013 for those in the US,APO addresses and Canada.

Jamberry Professional Nail Lacquers provide 5-free* salon quality coverage, with vibrant colors that complement many of our nail wrap designs. These nail lacquers are perfect for the ever trendy statement nail, pesky pinky toes, or under any of our clear nail wrap designs!

Prep your nails for a smooth application with our extraordinary base coats.
Infused with Horsetail Plant extract for added strength
Fills ridges, creating a smooth surface on which to apply your wraps and lacquer

Enhance the look of your nails with our trio of top coats.
Get the high gloss look plus added protection
This shine-free top coat adds a modern edge to your mani
A little glitter goes a long way with these multi-colored glitter specks

*5-Free: Our lacquer does not contain Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde,Formaldehyde resin, or camphor.

See my online catalog page 28 for all the colors available. Want to earn yours or go Holiday shopping for free? I'm booking Facebook parties that offer great rewards for you!