Is it really Monday or Tuesday Blues or are you unhappy in your job?


I saw this shared on a friend of mine Facebook Wall and my first thought was WOW! How sad you don’t love what you choose to do for work. I know everyone has a bad day at work, especially after a long weekend like we just had with Memorial Day. I know I don’t want to go through Five Stages of Getting Ready For Work daily.

In my mind we should do what we love. Ironically my motivational text today stated the same thing.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to to work another day in your life.


I am also living in the real world and know jobs in your chosen field may be hard to find or cause stress on the worker and the family when there is more month than money. You could choose to be unhappy or add a side income that does make you happy.  We all have a passion. My husband turned his barbecuing hobby into a side business. I turned my trying a nail wrap since I have issues painting my own nails into a successful business. Find your passion and run with it.  Your outlook of life will change when you love what you do day in and day out.

Since most of you follow me for my nails I will leave you with my Food for Thought I like closing my nail parties with. Next time you go to the nail salon, ask them for a gel manicure AND pedicure with precision lines and designs on each nail for only $7.50. Then ask them to give you 8 more manicures and pedicures, a heater to apply them, enough accent wraps for 500 more manicures all the tools you’ll ever need and a cuticle oil pen for $99. Then tell them that you want a 30% to 40% discount after that for life.

Tell them you also want to earn a trip to the Dominican Republic for FREE. Tell them that you want to meet and hang out with other manicured and pedicured ladies at Walt Disney World where you will get even more free stuff!

Tell them you also want the ability to get free and half priced manicures and pedicures.Tell them you want to be paid every Friday and once on the 10th of the month for every time you recommend their products or send your friends in the store to have their nails done. How do you think they will respond?

I have 3 alternative options:
💅 Kitnapper: Just want the kit and discount on some awesome products – no need to sell! Grab the kit and run!

💅 Splash of Cash: You want the kit, discount, some extra income, free and half priced products: work your business how you like.

💅 Life changer: You want all of the above and you feel motivated to make part time – 6 figure income

If you are not being paid to have pretty nails, whether a bare minimalist or nail art pro consider one of the options above and I would love to help you out with any of them! 💜 

Remember life is short you should enjoy what you do and who you spend it with.  Have a wonderful Tuesday!