Interview with Carol Hogan, a Jamberry Nails consultant.

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What made you decide to join a Direct Sales company?

​I wasn’t looking to join a Direct Sales company.  I ordered a sheet of nail wraps with the idea that I would try them and be a customer.  I shared pictures that I saw online with my friends. Little did I know they also made a purchase.  The next day my sponsor contacted me and thanked me for sharing her link with my friends.  She opened a party for me so I could be rewarded.  She also told me that I earned half off my kit then asked when am I signing up. I saw how easy Jamberry is to sell and joined that day. ​

What company did you join, and why did you pick that company?
​I decided to join Jamberry Nails.  When I joined June 18, 2012 we only had nail wraps. I could not polish my own nails to save my life so I knew it was a match for me. I figured there were others out there like me who didn’t want to go to the salon to have their nails done. I loved the different nail art designs, especially the flames (now retired) because I could support my husband’s business while promoting my own.​
How long have you been working in Direct Sales?
 ​I have been with Jamberry Nails just under three years.  ​

​I was with Mary Kay prior to this experience, but left after two years for personal reasons.  I have found Jamberry Nails is a better match for me.  ​
What is your favorite thing about working for a Direct Sales company and owning your own business?
​I love being able to work my own schedule.  I do not have to ask for time off and worry I may or may not get the time off I needed if I could not find a replacement for my shifts.  I also enjoy if I need more money that month all I need is to add another party or two to my schedule.  ​
How do you convince others that joining your team will benefit them?
​Convincing others to join is not how I run my business.  I will ask people if they have ever considered doing what I do. I ask everyone one this, just like I ask if they had fun at the party they just attended and if they want to host their own party.  You never know what that answer will be. I love hearing their answers and helping them make an informed decision themselves. I would rather have a customer that will host parties and refer their friends to me instead of convincing them Direct Sales is for them when they don’t want a business right now. Direct sales may not be for them right now, but you never know what the future may bring.  Your customers are always watching how you run your business.

​I do home parties, catalog parties, and online parties.  For my online parties I prefer to use my room it is closer to a home party experience, but will do Facebook or Skype parties if requested. My Jamberry Nails website has a tab with the capability to request a party with me.

Visit to shop, request a party, join my team or visit the online version of our catalog.  Please feel free to join my Facebook Fan page

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Can I have Jamberry Nails in My Salon? The Answer is YES!

I have been getting emails from several nail salon owners and nail techs asking me if they can use Jamberry Nails in their salon.  The answer is yes.  Jamberry Nails can be applied on natural nails, encapsulated in gel, or applied on top of acrylic nails.  Jamberry Nails can be used as an add on service either as a full set or signature nail.  The rule of thumb is Jamberry Nails can be used on nails, but sheets of nail wraps can not leave your salon in your customer’s hands unless they brought the sheet in first.

Here is the letter I normally give to salon owners and nail techs.


I am an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails. We offer a signature style of nail art with over 300 designs to choose from. Recently we’ve added a customized Nail Art Studio, making the possibilities endless for nail art designs and creativity.

I would like to schedule some time with you to show you the many advantages of offering Jamberry nail wraps in your salon. You will be impressed with the salon quality material of our product. All of our wraps are made in the US and are free of formaldehyde and other harmful materials. Jamberry  last up to two weeks on fingers and 4 or more weeks on toes. Each sheet of Jamberry nail wraps can do 2-4 full set applications. You will be impressed that each sheet has 18 nail wraps in a variety of sizes offered at a minimal cost. You are not required to pay to have additional training for the application process or to advertise them in your salon.

In addition,
• You and your clients get the HIGHEST QUALITY nail wraps available
• You can be proud to serve your clients with an AMERICAN-MADE PRODUCT
• You can offer your clients a selection of over 300 FASHION FORWARD designs
• If you choose to do so, you can DESIGN YOUR OWN nail wraps to offer
• You can reach a NEW CLIENT DEMOGRAPHIC by offering Jamberry or excite your existing clients in trying something new

Thank you for considering Jamberry for your salon. Please contact me with any questions, or to schedule an appointment with me so I can bring you a sample and our design look book.



I saw this originally on Pintrest and automatically thought of Jamberry Nails

I saw this originally on Pintrest and automatically thought of Jamberry Nails

It’s called Nail Art for a reason. Not all of us have the talent to recreate the wonderful nail art we see. If I had to recreate the chevron pattern I am currently wearing, I would have naked nails! I’m sure everyone thanks me for not attempting it. 😉

Thank God for Jamberry Nails! This allows those of us who do not have the talent, time, patience, or the extra money to spend in a salon for the artwork. Jamberry Nails is a heat activated nail wrap, which lasts 2 weeks on your finger nails and 6 weeks or more on your toe nails. They come in over 300 different designs! Can’t find something you like? Design your own in the Nail Art Studio.

Jamberry Nails is currently available to purchase, have a party, or join in the US and coming soon (1 Sept 2013) to Canada.