If you receive an email from Jamberry Nails please open it, you have a credit waiting for you!

I’m so proud of Jamberry Nails and it’s yet another reason why I love being part of this company. They identified a few bad batches of Bella Romantica and other metallic nail wraps that were not caught in the quality control process. This wraps have lifting issues and look like chipping nail polish after about a day’s use. ¬†Jamberry Nails will be emailing customers who are affected. If you are affected, you will not need to fill out a return or exchange form but will be able to click on a link in the email and choose if you want the same design or credit on your account so you can choose a new design.

This is a legitimate issue. The wraps I applied for Manicure Monday are affected as well. Please feel safe that the email sent by Jamberry Nails is in fact the real company issuing you a credit for the defective wraps.